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Experience the harmony of the high desert

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Sustainable Agave Archival Paper

Museum Quality Standard

Raw & Organic

Each Earth Aura is printed on archival paper made of 70% sisal agave. Sisal thrives in dry, desert climates with very little environmental impact. The rough, yet delicately defined surface texture gives the subject a captivating sense of depth and impresses with a pleasant, soft feel.

Series I: Empire of Dirt

Something ancient beckons us when we walk through the pigmented canyons of the American West. The light has a transcendental quality, almost holy, as the land serves as a palimpsest.  Millions of years of stories are frozen in time, slowly revealing themselves as lessons to our present generation.

As the wind weathers the rocks we see erosion not as degredation, but recreation. In this meditation on the organic simplicity, I found harmony both in my work and in myself.

This series carries the name Empire of Dirt, a reminder that the only material things left behind when we leave are organic materials suspended in the land itself.

The Collection

About Lindsey

Lindsey Calla captures the harmony and essence of place with a refined eye for organic qualities that evoke a sense of connection to the cycles and beauty of nature.

Lindsey is an artist & photographer now residing in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Her Earth Auras are placed in top collections around the world including an ARTNews Top 200 Collector.